The Life of Sarah PB&J

Musings on my life post grad school and peanut butter... (NB: the archives also contain musings on Russia, law school, and still more peanut butter)

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a Small World

Interviewer: So I see you went to Swarthmore. A great place.
Sarah PB&J: Yep. It was a fantastic place to spend four years.
Interviewer: I have a family friend who went to Swarthmore. Come to think about it, he's probably about your age. He's now at [top law school].
Sarah PB&J: What's his name?
Interviewer: Smith. John Smith.*
Sarah PB&J: Fancy that. I know him.... We dated.
Interviewer: Wait. We've met before. You came with John to my son's wedding.

***awkward silence***

*name changed to protect the innocent.

to be continued....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Round Two

Round Two of On Grounds (Campus) Interviews started today. It brings with it a new set of conversations like the following:

Sarah PB&J speaking to fellow 2L in suit: "Who ya interviewing with today?"
2L in suit: "Osbourn and Something.... I should probably figure that out, shouldn't I?"

Ah the joys of interview season.


to be continued...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Top 8 Unexpected Downsides...

...from call back interviews

8. not having time to post to the blog/go to yoga

7. blisters on 20% of my feet

6. large dry-cleaning bill

5. being stuck in the Pittsburgh airport for 6 hours (see Unexpected Benefits #2)

4. always behind on schoolwork

3. spending 50% of my mental capacity remembering what city I'm in and what firm I'm interviewing with at the moment

2. figuring out what to order during a lunch interview that's vegetarian and doesn't involve cherry tomatoes or pasta *think spillage

1. wearing the same black suit for days on end


to be continued...

Top 8 Unexpected Benefits...

.... from call back interviews.

8. free miniature toiletries

7. loads of frequent flier miles on US Airways

6. visiting family/friends in Pittsburgh/Philly on someone else's dime

5. getting class notes from friends that are significantly better than I ever could have done (thanks Cathy, Meredith, Becky, and Kristin!)

4. hanging out (aka interviewing) with Swarthmore grads *these seriously are the best people to interview with. We spend all of our time talking about the profs/courses we took, Al Bloom's "ethical intelligence," and what's changed/stayed the same.

3. depressed grocery bills

2. a free round trip plane ticket good anywhere in the 48. *ah delayed/canceled/over booked flights...

1. job offers


to be continued...