The Life of Sarah PB&J

Musings on my life post grad school and peanut butter... (NB: the archives also contain musings on Russia, law school, and still more peanut butter)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Apartment Searching

SarahPB&J and MT are walking through Philly and are haphazardly scoping out places to live.

SarahPB&J: See I couldn't live on this street. I wouldn't feel safe.
MT: Sarah, look, there's a Porsche. (points to brand new blue Porsche parked in front of row house)

*both break out in laughter*

I think I've settled on a high-rise. Damn that burglar.


to be continued...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Want a pet bug? Buy Cornmeal.

So I recently bought cornmeal with the hopes of making some cornbread-Preston-style. When I open the package, I find it swarming with little black bugs. Charming.

I called the manufacture, who apologizes profusely and promises to send me coupons (I've yet to decide if I've got the guts to try this company again...)

The letter arrived today. It reads, "The problem with bugs or worms can and does often occur after leaving our facility..." Key word: often. I think those coupons might end up in the recycle bin - unless any of you want them.

Holler and they're yours.


to be continued...