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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marathons for All!? and A List

Two friends of mine completed marathons today! Sonja did a 26.6 miler in San Francisco. Chris did a 26.6-er in Columbus. You guys rock.


After the failed attempt of 2006, I keep contemplating trying again. (In fact, Sonja and I discussed briefly doing today's Women's marathon together.) But anytime I start running any distance over 2 miles, my femurs yell at me.

At this point, nearly 2.5 years after the fractures, I start wondering if I'll ever be able to check that item off my "list to do before I die."


But, I'm getting quite close to one goal: filling a passport (completely) with stamps and visas. I recently learned that my ABA gig will be sending me to Madrid and Lisbon in May. It means I'll miss graduation, but, I'll be 3 stamps closer to a full passport. Who could turn down that opportunity?


I need to put some new items on my list. Any suggestions?


to be continued...


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