The Life of Sarah PB&J

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out Vacuum Goddess

There's a mysterious Vacuum Goddess in SPB&J's apartment.

My little apartment-sized vacuum has seen better days. At this point, I never even bother to take it out of the closet. Instead I typically borrow the Guy's.

In the past week or so, I had commented a few times about how much I really wanted to vacuum the apartment. But, ultimately, I was too lazy to do it.

Both the roommate and I were away this weekend. Although I haven't been back to the apartment to confirm this, apparently, a Vacuum Goddess visited while we were away. The place has been vacuumed!

There are are only a few people (other than the roommate and me) with keys to the apartment. As far as I know, none of them vacuumed my place...

I could be a little creeped out by this whole thing, but in fact, I'm quite excited.

Thank you Vacuum Goddess! You are well loved by Sarah PB&J and her roommate

to be continued....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laptops in Class?

What follows is my 150 word tirade on laptops in class. Warning, it's didactic and smug.

In lecture classes: If you want to waste your time and tuition buying clothes off of Amazon or reading ESPN, be my guest.

In seminars: The whole point of these classes is to converse with one another and share ideas. If you're surfing, and not making meaningful contributions to the discussion, then all of your other classmates are loosing out.


If you are g-chatting/IMing, remember that other people can read your screen. Today, in class, the person next to me was chatting with someone else who was also in the same class. After anyone spoke, they commented about what they think about that person. Some of the things they said were quite nasty. I doubt they would want those words broadcast throughout the school. But, when you are sitting in class, it's very likely someone is reading over your shoulder. Your conversations are not private. Remember this, and don't badmouth others in public. Keep your criticisms of others to yourself. It's not nice, and it only reflects poorly on you.

My 2 cents. Pshew.


to be continued...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marathons for All!? and A List

Two friends of mine completed marathons today! Sonja did a 26.6 miler in San Francisco. Chris did a 26.6-er in Columbus. You guys rock.


After the failed attempt of 2006, I keep contemplating trying again. (In fact, Sonja and I discussed briefly doing today's Women's marathon together.) But anytime I start running any distance over 2 miles, my femurs yell at me.

At this point, nearly 2.5 years after the fractures, I start wondering if I'll ever be able to check that item off my "list to do before I die."


But, I'm getting quite close to one goal: filling a passport (completely) with stamps and visas. I recently learned that my ABA gig will be sending me to Madrid and Lisbon in May. It means I'll miss graduation, but, I'll be 3 stamps closer to a full passport. Who could turn down that opportunity?


I need to put some new items on my list. Any suggestions?


to be continued...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's try this again

Yeah, yeah. So I've been a bad blogger. The Life of Sarah PB&J has continued despite her notable absence from this blog.

Notable updates:
  • I'm down to a semester and a half of school.
  • I've got a job (in Philly) when I graduate.
  • I've been to Israel and back.
  • Green is my new favorite color.
  • I have a roommate, kind of
So, all in all, it's been a fairly good few months.

Now if I weren't perpetually upset with Chase and SunTrust. I hate banks...


to be continued...